Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! 

I hope you all had a wonderful night and aren't feeling to tender today. I never normally follow or write new year resolutions, I'm awful at sticking to them! But this year I thought I would actually start and try and keep to them! 
Don't coast through uni.
During my A Levels I coasted. I did enough to get where I needed to get but no more. Now I'm at uni I'm determined to not let that happen. Im paying to much money to only put in 90%!

Cut down on spending.
At the end of every month Im always broke and counting down the days till pay day. Im awful at paying for things on card without realising how they add up. From now on I'm setting myself a weekly cash allowance, and putting my card somewhere well hidden!

Be Healthier.
Put down the bacon sarnie and pick up a piece of fruit Megan! Now I'm at uni fruit and veg come few and far between. I don't want to calorie count or anything like that. I just want to cut down on crap and learn to pick up fruit when I'm shopping.

See my brothers more. 
Recently Ive faded away from some of my family, for no particular reason other than life. I have two brothers, 16 and 10, and every time I see them they've changed so much. I want to be a bigger part of their life then someone they say once or twice a month.

Blog more.
I want to get into the habit of blogging on a regular basis, as you guys know I'm awful at that! I want to start at once a week and then hopefully go up from there. I know for most people that goes without saying but I thought I would start easy.

Get more involved with blogging.
I love blogging, and I love the friends I've meet and speak to through blogging, but Im at that stage in blogging where I want to get involved with things like #bbloggers chat and things like that, but I worry about how my friends outside of blogging will react. I know its ridiculous and something I need and will get over Its just going to take me sometime.

Stick to a skincare regime.
This one Im awful at! I buy a whole bunch of new skincare stuff when my skin breaks out and then when it settles back down completely abandon any regime I had!

Stay out of things.
I've been dragged into a few situations recently that I don't even know how I got into. Sometimes I think its ok to take a step back, its not worth the time, and you only end up looking like the bad guy.

Do more things that I love.
Blogging be one of them! I don't know when or why I stopped but when I sit and think about it theres several things I miss. Cooking and reading being top of the list.

Be happier.
life is far to short to be miserable.

Also I stumbled across this 2012 music mashup and haven't stopped listening to it and seeing as this is a new years post I thought why not!

Megan x


  1. Happy New Year! I would go for it with the whole getting more involved, your blog is amazing i bet your friends are really proud :) xx

  2. Just discovered your blog, brilliant! Happy New Year! Xxx


  3. I def agree with your #1 resolution Do NOT COAST THROUGH UNI. It is important to put in the work so that you will reap the rewards of a 1:1 degree.



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