Thursday, 30 May 2013

Benefit 'Stay Flawless' Event

Hey Guys! 
A few days ago I and 15 other lovely blogger were invited to Benefits 'Stay Flawless' event in Orange Rooms in Southampton. We all meet downstairs and said our 'hello's' and were then invited upstairs to a private room kitted out head to toe in typical Benefit style! 

We were meet by the lovely Benefit team (and some amazing Mocktails!) We all settled down and the lovely Lisa gave us a quick talk all about the history of Benefit and how its lead to what we see today on our shelves! 

Next we moved onto 'Stay Flawless' Benefits new 15-Hour Primer, which will be available from 29th June for £24.50! We watched a demo of the primer and heard how Lisa used the primer during her latest fashion show and swore by its 15-hour name! 

We then all took part in a little quiz about all things Benefit! I was even lucky enough to win Benefits 'The Bronze Champions' Kit! Yaaaay! We all chatted a while longer sipping on our delicious mocktails while some even more delicious nibbles were bought out!

And to my surprise and gratefulness we were all given a gorgeous giftbag on our way out which contained the new Stay Flawless Primer, Hello Flawless Foundation and a gorgeous Foundation Brush! 

We all had a brilliant evening, it was lovely to meet the team and I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the Benefit team and of course Orange Rooms for leaving us fed and watered! 

(excuse my awful photos! Once again I left my camera at home! *face palm!*)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Make Up of The Night #1

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydrating Primer | MAC Fix Plus | MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW35 | Nars Sheer Matte Foundation | Elf High Definition Powder | Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette | Bourjois Bronzing Powder in 52 | Nars blush in Taj Mahal | MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Deep | L'oreal False Lash Telescopic | Benefit 'They're Real' | Maybelline Gel Eyeliner | Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze | Maybelline Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate | Sleek Brow Kit in Dark | Eco Tools Eyeshadow Brush | Real Techniques Powder Brush | Real Techniques Buffing Brush | Elf Mineral Powder Brush | Revlon Colorstay Lipstick in It Girl.

Hey Guys!
A few nights ago I headed out on a night out to celebrate our last few nights together at university! So I thought I would share with you what I wore on my face! Unfortunately a few glasses later I forgot to take a photo of me wearing the make up! (And if I had it probably would have looked a mess, ha!)
I hope your all doing well and that those of you leaving uni for the summer are enjoying the last few weeks as much as I am!

Let me know if you have any requests or questions!

Review | MAC Fix Plus & How I use it!

Hey Guys,

While I was in the lovely city of Paris a few months back I picked up a bottle of MAC fix plus on a bit of a whim. I know several people who love it, and seeing as I couldn't leave a MAC shop empty handed I picked this up for about €13 something around that. 

'An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!'

I know many people use Fix Plus as something that keeps your make up in place, a setting spray. Maybe its just me and my skin, but as much as I wished it would Fix Plus does nothing at all for keeping my make up on, (I've yet to find anything that seriously does so!) However I do love the spray and use it for a whole bunch of other reasons.

Having oily skin I tend to powder my face often however that can often leave we that cakey, powdery look after make up. One sprtiz of this really helps get rid off all the excess powder and leaves a really natural un-cakey face, rather than looking like I've just walked face first into a powder puff! 

I also love using this under my make up, so once I've washed my face I spritz this on and then apply my moisturiser, It's a brilliant way of locking in my moisturiser and I feel leaves my skin feeling so much softer once I've applied my make- up.

In the past I've also mixed this with my foundation as I use Nars Sheer Matte Foundation (review here) which dries extremely quickly, giving you little time to blend it properly. I feel a spray of Fix Plus on the back of my hand or my brush and then mixed with my foundation really helps with blending it and almost buys me some more time to get it blended just right! 

Fix Plus has so many uses, and Its the perfect thing to finish off your make up. The slide and lock spray on the bottle is perfect for travelling and I know this will be absolutely perfect for when i'm on holiday and want a midday refresher! I 100% recommend Fix Plus but if you are looking for something purely make your make up last all day this in my opinion might not be exactly what you are looking for.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Review | Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick

Hey Guys! 

I haven't heard a huge amount about Revlon's Colorstay lipsticks (I have been living under a bit of a rock ha!) so when I say them on offer for £6.99 in Boots I thought I'd have a lookie through the shades they have to offer. Im going on holiday soon so I really wanted a summery, quick and easy lipstick, thats long lasting in the heat.

What Revlon Say..
Is your lipstick giving you both moisture and wear? This velvety soft formula with moisturising Shea butter and Aloe is food proof and doesn't quit. 20 Shade. Apply once and go.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging which is really sleek and compact, so perfect to chuck in my bag and go.
I picked up the shade 'It Girl' which is a pinky/coral that to me seems perfect for summer as its not to in your face, and I have to say I've fallen slightly in love with it. this is probably one of the longest lasting lipsticks I own, I couldn't believe it when it was still there after a night out. I love the colour against my skin tone (a problem I often struggle with) I think because the lipsticks aren't super pigmented they are nice and subtle, however you can easily build it up. The only one down side is they can be slightly drying and almost like they are sitting on top of your lips though so if you do suffer from dry lips I would advise putting a lip balm on first.
Overall Im impressed and will definitely be picking up some more shades while they are still on offer.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

How to | clean your make up brushes!

Hey Guys, 

A quick side note, im finally done with all my uni work, im currently working my way through a summer course and in a month i'll be free for the summer! So now I've got some more time on my hands I thought I would bring you a quick post! 

One of the best tips I can give to some suffering with bad skin is to regularly clean your make up brushes, it unbelievable how much bacteria and dirt sits on them, which obviously can lead to more and more spots. 

If I ever have a breakout the first thing I do is wash my brushes (after caking the spot in spot remover!) Not only does it help my make up go on better on top of those nasty spots, but also actually controlling the break out and stopping it spreading to other areas of my face.

I know a lot of people use different things to wash their brushes, but I normally use my regular hand soap as we tend to buy soft hand soaps with a slight scent and something like jojoba butter in them. At the moment I'm using a Baylis & Harding Jojoba, Silk & Almond Oil Cleansing Hand Wash. I feel they work just as well as baby shampoo and they leave my brushes smelling and feeling amazing

Hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful! Let me know if you have any questions or requests.

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