Sunday, 28 July 2013

Summer Dessert | Eton Mess!

Hey Guys,

Now im back in the comfort of my family kitchen I thought I would bring you another recipe post as baking is something I really love. Today I fancied something fruity and sweet and all around summery and so I thought i'd quickly put together an Eton Mess! I love Eton Mess, its so quick and simple and really tasty! Normally you only use Strawberries but I threw in some Raspberries and Blueberries too because why not?! Hope you Enjoy!

300ml of Whipping or Double Cream
100g Maringue Nests
1tbsp of Caster Sugar
1 tbsp of Icing Sugar 
and a few handfulls of fruit 


Start by adding your cream and both lots of sugar to a bowl and whisk until the cream is light and fluffy (be careful not to over whip, I made that mistake once!)

Next break up the meringue nests into large chunks and mix them into the cream.

Press your fruit with the back of a fork slightly to break them up and release the juice and stir them into the meringue mix and your done! 

Quick, simple and really tasty! Perfect for a summer bbq! Let me know what you guys think of this type of post, and if you'd like to see more! 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

My Top 5 Holiday Essentials | Beauty & Body

Hey Guys,

So as a few of you may know I recently went to Turkey for two weeks. While I was there I found myself reaching for a few beauty and body bits and bobs constantly, so I thought I would share them with you! 

 Suncream is a staple on every holiday but this year I was loving Piz Buin Tan & Protecr Suncream in SPF 6 it was really moisturising which is really important for my dry skin and didn't feel horrible and sticky on my skin like most sun creams. I also found the protection good, although being blessed with tough skin means I dont ever burn, I do occasionally peal ans with this I didn't really at all.

I spoke about this a few posts back but Im still really loving the Garnier Ultimate Body Oil. Its so quick and simple and worked so well at keep my skin moisturised in the heat. When I didn't use it my skin was super dry and horrible so I feel this really does work.

Although when Im away I dont tend to wear a huge amount of make up, in the evening I like a little colour on my cheeks and NARS blush in Taj Mahal has been my go to blush the whole time I was there and since I've been back. The gold colour looks brilliant with a tan and the hints of shimmer just made me look awake and sun kissed. 

Along with blush I was also wearing mascara and this year I picked up L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof. Again I loved this, it left my lashes long and full and really was waterproof, lasted all day when I was in and out the pool but came off at night with bioderma.

Lastly while I was away I carried MAC fix + with me everywhere! Probably not for the main reason your meant to but it was so nice to spray on my face if I was feeling really hot and sweaty and I felt like it was almost clearing my skin of all the dirt and dust it picked up while I was walking around and really refreshed my skin. I have a full review of fix + here

Monday, 22 July 2013

Turkey '13

Hey Guys!

A few of you may know that I've been on holiday in Turkey for the last couple of weeks! We stayed in the Suntopia Tropical and I had the most amazing time and it was so lovely to relax a bit. I couldn't have asked for a better two weeks! We meet some amazing people and did some awesome trips! So I thought I would share with you some photos on what I got up to and also some outfit pictures from while I was there! Enjoy!

Also you may have noticed I've had my blog redesigned by the lovely Amy from Little Koala! and cannot recommend her more! Let me know what you think of the new look! 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

June Favorites!

Hey Guys! 
June has been a hectic month to say the least! Exams, moving out of halls and my birthday! So I thought i'd share my quick round up with you of my holy grails over this busy month! 

Half way through this month I suffered a bit of a break out, which im putting down to stress, so I kicked up my skin care and introduced my beloved Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser back into my life! I had forgotten how much I loved this, how soothing it was. My skin felt quite tight and red and almost inflamed ans this really helped calm my skin down and feels amazing on my skin too! 

At the same time I also re purchased Witch Skin Clearing Primer. I used to loveeeee this and when it finished I went on to try different things but nothing works like this. To me it feels like it stops my make up from aggravating my skin if im suffering a break out and also calms my skin down too! 

The one new beauty bit I tried out this month was the L'Oreal Super Liner, which im loving! It lasts all day and when it comes to taking my make up off its still completely there! Im still getting the hang of using it but its simple enough and I really like the pen style applicator.

This month I repurchased my MAC Pro Long-wear Concealer. My first one lasted me well over a year and I use it almost every day and I dont see myself using anything else from now on, I use this under my eyes and it doesn't crease and lasts all day I love the thick coverage and it really does cover any blemishes and dark circles, what more do you want from a concealer?!

Onto the body bits! I picked up the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil when I saw it on sale in Tesco. Im the worst for moisturising my body, So I thought this might give me the incentive to try a bit more! I'm also going on holiday in a few days and I thought this would be handy to have with me. Its quick and simple and really does leave my skin feeling soft and moisturised and looking amazing, a completely different result to what you get with a body butter.

Over my Birthday I also repurchased the gorgeous Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Im a bit of a newbe to all this perfume talk but instead of the original design I picked up this one as I was informed it lasts longer on the skin, I dont think it actually does and I think I would save myself the money and buy the bigger original one next time. But the scent is still the same. floral and light and perfect for spring/summer!

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