Thursday, 28 June 2012

Shoes Haul!

Hey Lovelies! 

 I used to watch videos and read blogs about shoe hauls and I always used to think 'how can they buy that many shoes'.... yeah, now I know. My reasoning for this is I'm going on holiday on sunday with my friends and I'm stocking up! (Plus I've been dying for a pair of wedges for agesssss)So i'll get right into it! 

These are the first pair of shoes I bought for my 18th Birthday, Ive stalked eBay for months just gazing at these shoes but never actually plucked up the courage to buy them, until now! I thought for my 18th I wanted something special and unique and I think these fit the bill, and for £22.99 (plus £2.99 p&p) you can't go wrong! They arrived in around 3 days and I think I fell in love. They have to be the highest heel I've ever worn, over 6 inches (my mum actually measured them!) But because of the huge platform they aren't that painful, although after the 5 hour of wearing them I felt the pain! In summary I love them!(Click here for link)

The second pair of shoes I bought were from New Look during a mini shopping session with my mum! I originally wanted these shoes in the off white colour but typically they didn't have my size! So I got these mint green ones instead, Once I got them home I was less sure and ummed and ahh-ed about taking them back, but after trying them with some outfits I realised how awesome they were. I love the colour (I'm all into bringing the pastel trend into the summer too!) and I think i'll be rocking these in the sun a lot! They cost me £24.99 but well worth it! (Click here for link)

The next pair I picked up are also from New Look. New Look launched a new huge online sale earlier this week (check it out if you haven't while sizes last!) with up to 70% off items, and I had been eyeing these babies up for weeks. So when they were reduced from £39.99 to £12.00 I couldn't say no. Ive wanted to try out the flatform trend and thought these were a great starter! They're real suede and are sooooo comfy, they arrived this morning and I can't wait to try them out! (Click here for link)

The last pair of shoes are again from New Look (I see a pattern emerging...) And these again were in the same sale. A few days before I noticed the sale, I had been scrolling through online and stopped when I saw these. The only reason I didn't buy them there and then was my budget doesn't normally stretch to £49.99. However in the glorious sale they went down to £15.00. These shoes are so comfy, which is weird considering they're heels, I love the two tone straps and the different shades work great with my skin tone. I also like the wooden heel and tribal feel of them! Perfect summer shoes! (Click here for link)

Hope you enjoyed this blog, thank you to all my followers for all your lovely comments! I read all of them so please keep leaving them! If you have any questions or blog suggestions let me know!


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Make-up Storage!

Hey Lovelies! 

 First of I would like to apologies with my awful reliability when it comes to making posts. My exam started kicking in and I had to priorities! My last exam was yesterday though and now I'm freeee for the summer! (which means regular posts :D) So I thought I would come back with my new storage! Ive been slowly but surely been buying some new bits for my desk just to make everything tidier and prettier. As you guys may have seen in my photos I used to have bottles and makeup all over my 'desk' and it was beginning to bug me and I decided to give it all a re-vamp! 

So this is the desk in question! I stupidly forgot to take a photo of the desk before I sorted it out but just picture a whole bunch of mess and your there! The desk is from Argos, which I got a few months ago, before a desk I was actually doing and storing my make up in a bag on the floor (How did I live?!) 

I've been looking for a set of draws like these for ages, but they were either too big or just plain ugly, I picked up the desk from Asda for around £6 which I thought was a bargain, It's just the right size for my desk and fits everything! 

One of the first things I got once I got my desk was this gorgeous 'My Jewellery' hooks. I got these from my friend, Brogans website The Beauty Closet, which I'm sure you've all heard off and if you haven't go check it out! I love these hooks they work so well with the area and saves me a visit from the tangle monster! 

Just next to and on top my draws is where I keep all my daily essentials. I keep all my brushes in an old pink piggy bank that I've had for years! The mirrored trinket box was a gift for my 18th birthday which was a few days ago. (look out for a birthday haul too!) In that I keep some earrings and hair grips. 

Onto the draws! The bottom draw is devoted to face, so I have my primers in the bottom right. Then I have my blushed and bronzers to the left. I used an old lunch box container to separate off my foundations and concealers (and yes I did purchase the full sized Hello Flawless, I'm in love!)

The next draw is eyes, and my elf HD powder which wouldn't fit in the face draw! Again I used an old lunchbox and in that I have kohl and liquid eyeliners, I have my cream eyeliners above that and then mascaras on the side.

The Next draw is lips! I don't have a huge amount of lip products as for succcch a long time I was convinced lipsticks didn't suit me (really it was the shades I was buying didn't suit me) Ive got my lip stains and glosses next to those and then some lip balms in the lunchbox with some odd earrings that I had nowhere else to go.

The top draw is a bit of a miscellaneous draw, still that I use on a less frequent basis, I've got a lot off testers in here from my Glossyboxes and then some contact lenses (I have awful sight) some body lotions and some nail stuff! 

Then underneath my desk I have my Glossyboxes stacked up (I'm a bit of a hoarder and the packaging is so cute I can't bring myself to throw it!) next to that I have a Frontcover face kit, and my GHDs in the corner. Then I have these two boxes which I have heard for years and nothing with on the shelves, they're from Ikea and they came in a set with two smaller ones and two bigger ones, can't remember the price though!. In the top one I have my products that I use on a less frequent basis, like some other body creams and body sprays, that kinda stuff, and the bottom one is full of all my nail varnishes! . And thats it, my new and improved beauty desk! 
I hope this post wasn't to rambly and that you guys actually enjoyed it! 
I'd love to hear some suggestions from you guys as to what you like seeing so please keep leaving the comments I do read and try to reply to them! I promise I will have another post up for you guys soon! 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Summer Skin care Update!

Hey lovelies! 

 So being English I'm going to stereotypically talk about the beautiful English summer that has finally  began to show its face, and typically the second the sun creeps out is the same second my skin decides to go into meltdown, meaning more shopping! (shame!)

A few days before I went shopping I was looking around online and stumbled apon the Witch anti-blemish skin clearing primer, I haven't found my perfect primer yet and I'm always on the hunt for one, and this baby claims to fight and prevent spots and keep your make up on too, I couldn't turn down this challenge! I found this in Superdrug and at half price too (£3.49). I also spotted it in Tesco too. This is probably the best £3.49 I've spent in months! To begin with I was very impressed with the texture, its creamy and soaks in well. It created a great base for my make up, and counteracted some of the redness I have on my cheeks. During the day I was also noticing my make up was staying on longer, and still looked nice and refreshed. And ontop of all that I've noticed a significant reduction in breakouts! I know right?! Stop traffic! I think I may have found my perfect primer.

Also in Superdrug, I picked up was the Garnier Pure Active 2in1 Anti-spots roll on. I'd been umm-ing and ahh-ing about picking this up in Boots, but the product only comes in two shades and I didn't want to fork out £7 in boots on a product that wasn't the right shade. When I saw it at half price (£3.82) in Superdrug, I was slightly keener to try it out and the lady actually let me try it out right there and then! You apply this over spots and it claims to fight the spot and also lightly conceal it at the same time. I haven't been able to full try this out yet, as touch wood i haven't had many breakouts recently, but the few times I did I was impressed, and felt it did reduce the redness and inflammation of the spot, so a thumbs up! 

Next I went into Boots, and of course there was a 3 for 2 offer running, and of course the one item I wanted was in the offer, and of course I had to find two other products! The actual product I wanted was the Neutrogena Wave duo cleansing pads, Ive had the actually Wave Duo for a few months and I swear by it! Its palm sized power cleanser, you put these pads on top of it, soak it underwater and wash your face with (I will do a review soon, otherwise this will be one loooong post!) 

So to go with the offer, and keeping with the theme of skin care I picked up the Witch Blemish StickI wanted this because before this I didn't own anything to put directly on spots, and was forced to using watered down TCB (shame on me I know!) So far this is great, its doing the job and isn't burning half my skin off with it!

The last thing I picked up in boots was the St. Ives Blemish Fighting Scrub. Ive seen this on a few peoples blogs and was eager to give it a try, So far I'm liking it. I can't say I've seen any dramatic changes to my skin from this, but I feel like its not hurting my skin either, and that it is exfoliating it well, which is what I want from a scrub. Also it smells edible! Apricot is a particular favourite of mine!

Last issue was my legs! During they winter they tend to get slightly neglected (Seeing as nobody see's them) I've always quite dry skin on my legs and they definitely needed a quick pick me up. I grabbed the Garnier Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Lotion  while I was in Sainsbury's about a week ago and I laaaaav it! For as long as I can remember I've been using Palmers Cocoa Butter but I thought I would try something new! Although this is Cocoa Butter, it smells completely different, in a good new refreshing way, and its done wonders to my skin! 

Sorry for the long rambly post! 
Thank you for reading and all the lovely comments! 


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