Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Tag!

I saw this floating about the blogging word and thought I would give it a go. I haven't done a tag before and I thought this was a good one to start with! Enjoy! 

1. What is your favourite thing about christmas ?

The thing I love about Christmas is the run up to the day, everyone is always in a brilliant mood! I love is being able to justify all purchases I make by saying 'Its Christmas'. At work at the moment we play christmas songs and wear santa hats and I love it! 

2. What is your favourite make up look for festive the season?

During Christmas I love whacking out the darker colours, when i go out i ilke wearing a deep red or plum colour on my lips :)

3. Real tree or fake tree?

Until this year I haven't really cared if I had a real or fake tree. Every year up until now we've used the same fake tree that sits in the loft, but this year we've moved and we now don't have one so we went out tree shopping. And although I wanted a real tree at first (for the smell) we got another pretty pre lit, snow covered artificial tree. And I actually love it. It's so pretty and perfect! 

4. Giving presents or receiving presents?

I love giving presents! I know everyone says this but I'm the person that sits and waits for a persons reaction before opening my own gift. I love getting gifts too obviously! But unless its a main present from my family I prefer giving!

5. Do you open presents christmas morning or eve / evening

Christmas morning of course! My mum bought me up with a relatively strict structure when i came to christmas, i open my stocking in my parents room then get dressed and eat and then start on the presents under the tree! Christmas presents are for Christmas Day! 

6. Handmade christmas cards or bought?

When my brother was younger he used to love making me Christmas cards, they were always so cute but now he's older my family tends to buy cards, and you can get such cute ones! 

7. What is your favourite christmas film?

My family don't really have a traditional christmas film but I recently watched The Grinch again and I think that has to be my favourite! Who doesn't love Jim Carrey?!

8. What's your favourite christmas food?

I don't think I can pick just one thing! I think maybe the turkey, its the only time of the year my mum cooks turkey and its special because of that. But I love a yorkshire pudding or two swell! 

9. What's your favourite christmas song?

Like I said earlier we listen to Christmas songs at work all the time so I think I'm fully qualified to answer this question and for me it has to be Slade Merry Christmas Everybody. I remember dancing to this song for hours when I was younger when we used to put our Christmas tree up! 

10. What's your favourite christmas memory?

My favourite christmas memory is a bit of an odd one and its more of a tradition. Every year after christmas dinner we go to my grandparents house for nibbles. And the part I love most is afterwards we all sit and play 'New Market' which is a card game, we play with 1ps and it always gets competitive but in a good way! I don't have any cousins who live in the area so the majority of the time I'm the only person under the age of 40 but I love it! Its part of my christmas tradition and last year when I went away over Christmas I really missed doing it! 

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