Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Haul | Topshop, Boots & H&M + A Cheeky Video?!

Hi Guys! 
A few days ago I tried to bring you guys a haul post, but I was having one of those 'Nothing is working' days and the photos looked awful! So after much deliberation, I decided to make my first Youtube video! It's something I've been wanting to do this for years. And I actually did make about 5 videos years and years ago. (which are long gone I may add). 

There's no harm in trying right? So Please let me know your thoughts and feelings bellow and any suggestions would be lovely! But please go easy on me, I'm still a novice and still have a lot to work out! :)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New Hair | Ombrè

Hey Lovelies!

About 2 weeks ago I decided I would finally mix it up a bit a dye my hair. I've never done dyed my hair before so It's safe to say I was slightly nervous! Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the process *bad blogger!* but I thought I would share with you the results!

I used the Loreal Paris Wild Ombrés Preference kit in the shade Ombré 2. I couldn't be happier with the results! I love it and wish I had done it sooner! Although my hair is feeling a little damaged its nothing compared to what I expected, and is feeling relatively healthy now I've had it cut. So a big thumbs up from me!

I also have a questions for you guys! 
For the last few weeks I've been debating taking the leap onto YouTube! I would love to hear you thoughts and suggestions or if they're is anything at all you would like to see from me on here or on YouTube! 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Uni Experience.

*Its another long one, you might want a cuppa first!*
For me university has been the best whirlwind of a journey I've ever been on. And even the times I wished I was at home, I loved it too, and I have so many crazy, hysterical memories that I will never forget. The best part of my life in uni has to be the people I've meet and the friends I've made. From the friends for life, to the 'best friend' you drunkenly make in the bathroom queue in a club, they all count.

Jumping back a year from now...
Excitement is the only emotion I remember having towards going to university, like many of you guys getting ready to move now I'm sure. I was ready to move out, and the idea of doing silly things like cooking and shopping for myself was something I really looked forward too. I bought all my matching crockery sets and had everything packed and ready for about a week before I was actually due to move in.
 Moving in week passed in a blur of 'hello's' and 'I'm Megan'. But by the end of the week I felt as if I'd already been there for a month. It was crazy how quickly and easily me and my flatmates all formed as a kitchen. I was so incredibly lucky to be placed with the people I was, and although we are all completely different (and have actually agreed that we would never have normally hung out with each other) In this kind of environment, where your alone we all got along.

Freshers Week...
Again this passed in a blur, but this time it was more of an alcohol induced blur. Foam parties, bar crawls and nights sat on the bathroom floor holding back hair, it all happened. But it was one of the best weeks at uni. It was also the same week I began my course, so although the 9am lectures weren't appreciated on 3 hours sleep, I finally got to see what I had signed myself up for over the next three years.
  I was one of those students who had researched and knew everything there was to know about my course. Thats my one piece of advice to anyone starting out at uni. Make sure you know what you've signed up for, and that your doing your course for the right reasons. There would be nothing worse than resenting and hating your course, after hoarding out a small fortune to get onto it.

The Next 6 Months...
Surprise Surprise, they passed in a blur. Sometimes alcohol induced sometimes stressed induced. The months passed with a combination of nights out, and deadlines. Nights in watching 'Saw' films in the fire escape and water ballon fights in the corridors. Birthdays and again more alcohol, followed by again early lectures and pretty bad hangovers. Playing in the park in the snow and sitting in the park in the sun drinking cider.
Before I knew it exams were rolling around. A year ago when I thought of moving into halls, I never once thought about the day when it would end. I never once did when I was there, and quickly it crept up on all of us, until all of a sudden someone was packing up their room and moving out. I was one of the last to leave and so I watched all of my friends who I had lived with for the last 6 months pack up and go. Some I knew I would see again, some I knew I wouldn't.

A Year On...
My summer is nearly over and in about a month I will be moving in with 4 other amazing girls to live in a student house. I know this year I'm not in for such an easy ride. The work load will be heavier for all of us and i'm sure the sight of my overdraft will again be a recurring and unpleasant sight. But looking back on my first year at uni and the all the people I've meet i'm pretty sure we still have tons more laughs.

To those of you about to start uni, enjoy it! Never again will you get to live in halls. To those who are nervous, as cliche as it is (but true), everyone is in the same boat, and everyone wants to make friends, so maybe leave your door open when you move in, or make a point of hanging about the kitchen. To those who are worried about the workload, stay on top of what you have to do so your not in for any nasty surprises. To those of you worried about money, work out how much you can afford to spend each week and stick to it. To those of you worried about sharing your bathroom or kitchen with a bunch of boys, bring rubber gloves! Uni and living in halls is difficult and wont always be a bed of roses, but even on the worst days there will always be 20 more good ones to make it worth it.

Friday, 2 August 2013

My Least Loved Products

Hey Guys, 

I've been having a bit of 'bloggers block' at the moment and while looking through my make up draw for inspiration I realised how many products I rarely use, and voila! This post is born. I didn't want to name this 'products least worth the hype' because I think these products just aren't for me rather than them being bad products. But I don't hate any of the products and still try to work with them, they just tend to end up at the back of my shelf collecting dust! 

First on the list is Nivea's In-Shower Skin Conditioner, I know this is a relatively new product to already be collecting dust, but it just isn't for me. Like many of you know I went on holiday a few weeks ago and I took this with me as my skin tends to end up looking and feeling like a desert when I'm away. But this did absolutely nothing for my skin and I still had to moisturise afterwards, to me defeating the point of it.

Next up is the beloved Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Although I love the Real Techniques brushes, I have never grown to love this one. I really didn't love the finish it gave my foundation and the few times I've used it with cream brushes I still haven't been wow'ed. 

The next product pains me to put in this as I love Benefit so much however Benefits Boi-ing Concealer just isn't for me. I was matched up horrifically wrong at the counter and even when I have a tan I still don't find I love it. The consistency makes it hard to work with and blend, and I feel it leaves my skin looking patchy which is not a good look. 

This is another Benefit Product however this is from the skin care range. Benefits Triple Performance Facial Emulsion. I actually have had about three samples of this for as many years and two are still unopened. This may sound slightly odd but it tastes awful if it gets on your lips! I also think it broke me out back when I tried it and since then i've always avoided it.

Finally I have a hair care product that I really wanted to love but just don't. Lee Stafford's Lightening Spray basically 'naturally' lightens your hair. Which I loved the idea of as i'm always worried about dying my hair. However it left my hair so unbelievably dry and straw-like that I was instantly put off and i'm to scared for my hair to try it again.

I hope you liked this post, let me know if they're is anything you'd like to see from my blog, and if you've tried any of these products! 

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