Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NOTD - Candy Nails

Hey Lovelies,
 Living so close to West quay means I seem to constantly be popping in for bits and pieces. On one of my usually shops between classes I picked up the MUA Nail Constellation. I've seen several posts featuring this and for £3 I thought I'd give it a go.
 You paint your nails with whichever colour your using and simply shake the beads on top of the wet nail varnish and voila!  The one downside, they look brilliant for the first 5 minutes but after sleeping in them they had all come off. I'd advise a top and bottom coat to try and keep them on. But at £3 I wasn't expecting miracles. 
 I love the look though and they look great on a night out, then after that I'm not to fussed if they come off! I'm loving the trend and although they don't last very long I got several compliments on them during the night! 

Have you tried them? If yes did you like them?

Love Megan

Monday, 22 October 2012

Bournemouth Bloggers Meet Up

Hey Lovelies! 
 Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to my first bloggers meet up! Organised and held by the lovely Hannah from Baileycakes
 We meet at Aruba, which is a bar/restaurant right on the pier and had a few drinks while getting to know each other. Hannah also bought a couple of goodie bags with her and we voted for a 'best blogger' and a 'best dressed' and yours truly won best dressed! I won some brilliant lush products which I can't wait to try out, I stupidly left the majority of the products at home, but i'll put in a photo of the one product I did bring with me. 
 After the drinks we headed to Wetherspoons for some food. (Another first for me, the burgers are amazing!) From there we hit Benefit, where the lovely Sophie was waiting for us and showered us in testers and samples and also tided up my make up and giving me some tips on my brows. She tried out a few products on Brogan and Hannah, and even offered us a complementary brow wax, (yet another first!)
 Overall I had a brilliant day and meet some lovely people who I can't wait to meet again! 

Hannah, Brogan, Me, Leanne, Hannah, (Joe, Becca)
Image taken by Brogan
One of my prizes 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Layla D Beauty - Honey Moisturiser

Hey Lovelies
 As a few of you may remember I was lucky enough to go to the She Said Beauty: Social Network Website Launch event during the summer, (you can see my blog post on the event here) while I was there I met the lovely Layla the founder of Layla D Beauty (check out her new website here!). We sat down and had quite a chat about the day and what we do, including her business and also some of her products and she even gave me a couple of products to try out! (I know right?!) So a few months on I'm back with a review to sum up my thoughts and feelings on the Honey Moisturiser.

'Our Honey Moisturiser is thick yet light-weight and will be absorbed by the skin in minutes. Your skin will feel soft, smooth, calm and nourished and a little goes a very long way. During the winter months this is also lovely to use as a hand and cuticle cream which will get absorbed straight away.'

I can certainly agree with everything they claim the moisturiser does! When I first opened the moisturiser it was the smell I first noticed, I wasn't to sure and Im awful at describing scents but it wasn't what I expected when you thought of honey, it is quite strong and to begin with I wasn't to sure but it has definitely grown on me. I find the scent relaxing even and I like applying the moisturiser at night as it relaxes me, which is just what you want before bed.
 Although the moisturiser is aimed at dry skin i find it works just fine on my oily skin, giving me plenty of moisturiser especially as I do have some patches of dryness on my forehead. 
 It is also quite a thick consistency, another reason I prefer to use it at night, but it soaks in quickly and really does leave my skin feeling amazing! So soft I even found myself stroking my cheek in wonder. It almost felt as if I was applying a mini face mask before bed, and when I woke up my skin felt amazing, I could honestly say this moisturiser has done wonders for any dry skin I had on my forehead and has left the rest of my skin super smooth.
 I was slightly worried about using this moisturiser when I had any blemishes, but I was pleasantly surprised. I felt, like they claim, the moisturiser calmed my skin down. If i had a slight rash or spot, although the moisturiser didn't necessarily help with the spot itself but the skin around the spot, (which I find can be inflamed and tight.) was a lot better from using this product. 
 And like they claim, a little really does go a long way. Ive been using this pot pretty much every night if not every other night since I got it and as you can see I've barley made a dent! This little beauty is going to last my years! 

 In summary I'm loving this product and feel its done my skins wonders! And along with being able to share my opinions with you I'm also so happy to have been given a cheeky 10% discount code by Layla! Simply type in 'ldb10' for a 10% discount on all orders over £15 before October 27th 2012 to receive this brilliant discount. 

Have you ever tried any Layla D Beauty products? If not which one takes your fancy?


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Insta Update!

1. Favorite Magazine, company 2. Loving my uni course in the radio studio 3. My amazing new shoes (which I'm still to scared to wear) 4. Quick selfie before a night out! 5. Home sweet home 6. Trying out 'Impress nails' for a change 7. Living up to the student stereotype 8. Nandossssss 9. Chocolate soufflĂ© 10. My new 'balmy' lip balm in strawberry 11. Proving students don't always have to be poor! 12. My finished wall in my room. 13. Toby Carvery with mum! 14. Izzy, missed her while I've been away! 15. My roomies and I! 16. My read at the moment! 

Hey Lovelies, Hope your all well! Just a quick update on what I've been doing and to also let you know that I finally jumped on the iPhone bandwagon and got the new 5! So if you fancy seeing more snaps of my day to day life then my username is - meganmanneh


Monday, 8 October 2012

Shoes | Jeffrey Campbell Madame

Hey Lovelies hope you are all well! 
 As some of you guys know I recently moved to Southampton for uni and since then I have well and truly been enjoying all Southampton and my uni have to offer, the first and most important being West Quay, which is the shopping centre there. During one of my quick trips down I spotted these babies sat in the window of a shop and nearly had a heart attack. Im in love. Another brilliant part of being a student is the Student Lock in that West Quay hosted last Thursday, which is basically hundreds and hundreds of students gathering to enjoy raised student discounts of up to 30%. Put the two together and you can probably guess I bought these using my student discount at Office and the cost me £76 (eek! I know) compared to the usual £95. 
They haven't actually made it outside yet because one of the studs did actually break off the back while I was walking around in them, which I wasn't to impressed with after spending that much money on them, but a friends nail glue soon sorted that out and I can't wait to bring them out on a night out. I love the studded trend at the moment so these shoes are perfect for me! 

How do you feel about the stud trend? Do you own anything studded?

Im slowly getting into the swing of things at uni so expect more regular posts, let me know if they're is anything you'd particularly like to see on my blog as it always helps me out! Till next time.


Monday, 1 October 2012

Giveaway Winner!

Hey Lovelies! 
 Thank you all sooooo much for your support and to the huge amount of people who entered my giveaway! I never in a million years expected this kind of feedback and response! So onto the winner. The winner is......

Ashley Harris! 

I will be emailing you shortly. Thank you again to everyone who entered and to everyone who takes the time to read my blog! Until next time!  

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