Friday, 18 January 2013

Review | Kera Care Haircare Range | Conditioner, Heat Protector and Masque

Hey Lovelies,
 This is going to be part 2 of my review of the Kera Care haircare range. You can view part one here.

Leave-in Conditioner

 'A powerful instant Moisturizing Complex that works like 3 conditioners in one. Improves the surface properties of hair. Protects against thermal and mechanical damage. Contains sunscreens to protect against the sun’s UV rays.'

 This was one of the original products I purchased at the recommendation of my hairdresser. She referred to it as 'the holy grail of products' and that was good enough for me. I don't know about any of you guys out there but I have this issue with products leaving my hair feeling thick, greasy and weighed down, and I know sometimes afro hair products can do this as they are so moisturising. But she assured me that as long as you only use as  much as is recommended (a coin sized amount) that this wouldn't happen, and she was right. I apply this to damp towel dried hair and honestly it does wonders, it doesn't weigh my hair down or leave it greasy. It almost feels like my hair sucks it up!

Strengthening Thermal Protector

'A leave-in lotion with UV protection that notably improves elasticity during thermal styling. Enriched with strengthening ceramides that leave hair significantly stronger.'

Again this was another of the original products I picked up. Before I started using this my hair seemed to break very easily, even though I was using thermal protectors they never seemed to keep my hair in decent condition. My hair never seemed to grow because it was constantly breaking. Since I've been using this product I've noticed my hair has grown past that 'set length' and that its in better condition for it. I also used this product when I went on holiday over the summer and I was stunned by the results. Usually the combination of heat, sun exposure and being in and out of water wrecks my hair leaving it dry and brittle. But this year I applied a small amount to my hair every day and my hair was left so soft and so manageable  and I think that in particular is down to this product! 

Intensive Restorative Masque

'the Intensive Restorative Masque strengthen the hair and improve elasticity, it also conditions the hair making it more manageable, soft and silky.'
This was the latest of my products, so I cant yet share the long term benefits of this product with you guys but I can certainly share the immediate effects. I've never really been into hair masques and this is my second one, I used to leave my conditioner on my hair for around 20 minutes but after another 'chat' with my hairdresser she advised that I try something that's more of a deep treatment. I use this instead of a conditioner, so I tend to alternate week from week. I use about an egg-cup size after shampooing and leave it on my hair for about half an hour, or for as long as possible. After I wash it out my hair is Unbelievably soft and so easy to manage. The same with the conditioner I find it really helps with blow-drying my hair and speeds up the whole process. 

In summary after these looooong posts! I'm a huge fan of the Kera Care range, they are brilliant for my hair type and have done wonders for my hair.

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  1. I've just washed my hair with the Hydrating shampoo, applied the Intensive Restorative Masque then the leave in. My hair feels fabulous! It is a very good range for relaxed hair. Decent price for the products too.

    Glad it's working for you :)


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