Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Beauty Haul | MAC

Hey Lovelies! 
 Over my birthday I took a trip to my local MAC and bought my very first MAC lipstick (well two actually!) I couldn't decide which one I| loved more and did they typical 'It's my birthday so i'll treat myself to both', which i'd been doing all week! 
 I'm always a little wary of lipstick colours and I didn't want to spend £14 on a horrible shade so I pretty much let the make up artist try about 12 lipsticks on me and before we settled on Captive, which is a Satin finish, and Girl About Town which is an Amplified finish. Every day since i've bought them I've worn Captive and every night out i've swapped it for Girl About Town, which works perfectly with the  Lipliner I picked up in the shade 'Magenta' (which was £11.50) I never would have chosen these shades for myself but I don't see myself wearing anything else on my lips for a long time! 
 I also re purchased my Pro Longwear Concealer I picked up the shade NC42, typically im going on holiday next week and no doubt it wont match when I get back but this is my shade for the majority of the year so I know I'll get use out of it!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Food | Green Juice Challenge - Day 1

Hey Lovelies! 

Over the last few months i've heard so much talk about Green Juice, the benefits they bring you, the taste of them and not to mention the lovely look of them (which isn't to appetising.) Dieticians swear by them and the benefits to your energy levels, digestion, skin, blood sugar levels, liver, lungs and the list goes on.
 So after spending a few days researching I thought I would give it a go. I know some people do juice fasts and drink nothing but this, but I know i'd never stick to it, so I thought I would start by introducing the drinks once a day and see how I go. Im the worst for having my five a day and I thought this might be a good way, to get all your five a day in one. Cant hurt to try right?

I dont really have a recipe as such for the juice, i've just seen what other people put in and then mix and match my own juice. Todays juice was a definitely trial and error but now I know what it tastes like I have a better idea!

I used:
- A handful of Spinach 
- Small wedge of Cucumber 
- Small stalk of Celery *
- 1 Apple 
- 1 peach 
- A handful of grapes 
- Very small slice of lemon 
- Juice of half a lemon
- Cup of water 

* After trying this one I would definitely use a lot less celery, It ended up being one of the only things that I could taste (and not in a good way) 

I made a second one for my mum and used a lot more grapes and apple and less lemon and celery as they dominated the taste, and this was a lot better. She also made me strain out the pulp for her and it made it a lot more drinkable, I think this may be down to our blender not being that powerful though.

Judging on this second juice It was good! I mean lets be realistic, If they tasted like liquidized chocolate we would all have been drinking them for years. They aren't incredibly tasty but considering there was 6 of my 5 a day in it, it tasted pretty darn good! 

After drinking a glass of this I was shocked at how full it left me feeling, It was the first thing I 'ate/drank' this morning and sitting here at half past 3 this afternoon I've only had a slice of toast and Im still very full. Normally if i'd only consumed this must by this time I'd be feeling sluggish and even dizzy where my blood sugar levels are so low but right now I'm feeling great.

I know this is a slightly different post compared to my beauty posts but I thought seeing as im hoping this will improve my skin and well being I thought it would be a good way of documenting changes! 

Have you ever tried a juice detox? Or have any tips on recipes?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Clothes Haul | A few birthday bits!

Hey Lovelies! 
 This Monday was my 19th Birthday, I had such a lovely day spending it with family and friends and I thought I would show you some of the clothes I picked up during a birthday shopping trip with my mum!

Urban Outfitters - Printed Dress Around £35
I picked this gorgeous dress up from Urban Outfitters a few days back. I love the blue and orange colours and the unique print. I'm going on holiday in 3 weeks and I thought this would be perfect for a meal out as its so light weight, I love how it sits, it almost reminds me of a 60's Twiggy-esque style fit, but with a lovely modern patter.
River Island - 'KISS' Shorts £30
I saw these babies on Patricia Brights Video, and like her I was looking for a pair of 'dream shorts' I have to admit that these are exactly that! I was 'blessed' with a rather large bum which means buying shorts can be a right pain in the backside! (excuse the pun!) Shorts tend to fit round my bum and then HANNNNG off my waist or the other way around. But these fit me really well and are going to be a staple in my holiday wardrobe!

Zara - Flower print Bandeau £15
This is only my second ever zara purchase and I have no idea why I havent been in there, I had to hold myself back to just this one thing to start with! I think im in love with this bandeau top, I love the colours and I think they work well with my darker skin tone. There is a full length zip down the side which I love as it adds detail and makes for a secure fit! I can't wait to whack this out while im away! 

River Island - Green Strappy Top £6
I've been looking for a colourful thin strappy top for a while now, when I picked this top up there was a mark on it and it was the last size 8 so they reduced the price down to £6 for me from £10 however since I've worn it again its stained again, im not sure if its my deodorant or not but It hasn't come out in the wash either, so if you have any tips on stain removal please let me know as I really love this top!

New Look - White Crop Top - gift 
This was a gift from my bestie so im not sure on the price. However i've been looking to pick up a top like this for awhile now I think they're basics that everyone needs in their wardrobe and works brilliantly with anything! 

Primark - Sandal Shoes - £12 each 
I actually went to Zara to pick up a pair of strappy sandals to wear on my birthday and I couldn't believe it when they didn't have any size 6/7 sandal heels at all! so I headed to Primark as I knew they had a few styles, I found both of these in my size for £12 each! Bargin, and if you ask me they dont look anything like Primark! The black shoes are a combination of suede and a patent material. And the red are completely suede  I couldn't decide which pair I loved more so I picked up both as a treat to myself! 


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