Monday, 22 April 2013

Update | Where I've Been

Hey Lovelies,

I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in pushing 3 weeks I think! wince. Life has decided to throw everything at me all of a sudden! 

I have all my deadlines coming up in the next 3 weeks, and with that and working weekends and evenings everything seems to have fallen by the wayside. But please bare with me! 

I have loads of ideas for you guys and I'm so curious as to what you want to see from me and my blog! So please leave me any questions or ideas of what you'd like to read. I promise I'll be back soon I just need to get through these next few weeks! 

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Benefit 'Fake Up' Event & Brow Bar !

Last Wednesday myself and some amazing bloggers went down to Benefit in Bournemouth for the launch of their new product 'Fake Up'. I've been to this Benefit before and have meet some of the girls that work their already so it was lovely to go back and be greeted with smiles and open arms! 
 Alyson who coordinates Benefit throughout the South West was all geared up and ready dressed in her Sherlock Holmes outfit and gave us a run down of the product, while testing it out on the lovely Sophie the manager of the store! We we're greeted with cakes, sweets and wine and then settled in for the talk! 

Benefit have been working on 'Fake Up' or years, working alongside developers and a testing panel to make it perfect. Benefit say that Fake Up is a hydrating crease-control concealer, perfect for your under eyes, which are all major things that we all look for in concealers so a good start! 

I describe Fake Up as a concealer with a twist! The product has a concealer centre as you would normally expect to find but with fake up you also has a hydrating outer ring, containing vitamin E and Apple Seed extract, which gives your skin all the hydration your under eyes need!

While we we're at Benefit Alyson also showed us other ways you can use Fake Up, from highlighting to contouring this baby seems like an all rounder! 

Later we all got ourselves matched up, which was something I was looking forward too. Fake Up comes in 3 shades. In personal experience I never ever fit into 3 shades, so I was looking forward to seeing for myself just how well Benefit cater for us darker ladies! And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, the colour match was very good, and a colour I would happily use as a under eye concealer. Alyson told me ( I think im remembering this right) that Benefit had specially produced Shade 3 for darker skins and had removed red tints which wouldn't blend natural with our skin tones. 

To start with I wasn't sure about Fake Up, the coverage didn't seem enough for me under my eyes, and I felt like after I'd applied more that my under eyes looked sweaty (only way I can think to describe it!) But I've learnt that before I buy products I need to try them out for myself! So I had a play and found that after a few tries I liked the look of it, with the help of some powder to mattify the look! 

I'd booked myself in for my first ever Brow Wax & Tint (Which I had today and thouroughly recommend going if you have a Benefit Boutique near you, the staff are amazing and so nice!) and told myself that if I still liked it then I would pick it up! So I went back this afternoon and had my brows done and a full make over afterwards, and of course I still liked Fake Up and of course I picked it up! (I will do a full review later!)

I know this has been an epic read, but Benefit put so much time and effort into making events such a good time that I really had to! 

Let me know if you guys have any questions! 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spring Wishlist!

1. Daniel Wellington Watch - Ive been lusting after one of these babies for ages now, but unfortunately the price tag is just to steep for me to commit to any time soon!
2. Real Techniques Powder Brush - I love these brushes, and have several of them, this one is definitely next on my list. 
3. Urban Decay Naked Basics Pallete - Anyone who knows me well knows I can't get my head around eye shadow, but when this came out I thought it would be a good place to start.
4. Missguided Frayed Bikini - I'm going to Turkey in July so I have instantly gone bikini's crazy, I love this one, especially the two panel bottoms.
5. NARS Sheer Matte Foundation - I've finally run out of this and need more in my life. Typically its only when it runs out that I realise how much I actually love it! 
6. Marc Jacobs Daisy - I had this about a year ago and since running out of it I haven't been able to find anything that I love as much.
7. Missguided Samma Pleated Ombre Dress - I love this dress I think everyone needs one of those dresses for one of those occasions, and I think this one is perfect for summer!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Haircare | Frizz Ease Review

Hey Lovelies! 
Firstly I don't think I mentioned this in my last post but I just want to say a hugeeee Thank you as I recently hit 500 followers! Its so crazy to think 500 of you read what I write! So Thank you! 

Right, now onto the post! I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to review A few bit from John Frieda's range Frizz Ease. Although I do religiously use my Kera Care Shampoo and Conditioner (you can see my review of that range here) I do use a few bits from Frizz Ease already to style my hair like the 3 day straight, which I love. So I was more than happy to mix it up a bit and try something different. 

Smooth Start Shampoo. Secret Agent. Smooth Start Conditioner *

Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

'For smooth, easy styling. Replenishes moisture and restores hair's natural frizz defence'

The first thing I noticed after washing and drying my hair with these two was how soft my hair actually was. This is something I missed when I started using my Kera Care stuff, although I know it does good for my hair, its never left amazingly soft, whereas with this it really did. It was quite easy to style my hair as well, almost like my hair was just a bit more willing to comply. However after using these several times I still have to say I prefer my Kera Care Shampoo and conditioner, other than the superficial stuff the actual quality of my hair was a lot better when I was using my other shampoo and conditioner. 

'For a flawless shine finish. Use anywhere, anytime. With UV filter.'

I use this on my hair when its dry and whenever its looking a little frizzy and I really feel like it tames my hair. You only need the smallest amount, too much and you just end up looking all creasy. I feel like it controls my hair and If I'm wearing my hair straight or in style then I seem to always have this in my bag with me just incase. Out of the three things I received this was definitely my favourites and the one I will repurchase.

Although I liked the Shampoo and Conditioner and I think they do they're job well I just don't think they did enough for my afro hair, but they would probably work brilliantly for other people. I'm sure I will use up these products and keep them if for some reason I don't have my normal Shampoo. 

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