Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Review : Benefit boi-ing industrial-strength concealer

Hey lovelies! 

 So surprise surprise, I went shopping again! After spending days longingly stalking Benefits websites I caved and headed down to boots, and picked up boi-ing industrial strength concealer.To start with I wanted to clarify if your looking for an under-eye concealer boi-ing is not what your looking for. boi-ing is perfect for blemishes, marks and scars. If its an under-eye concealer Benefits erase paste is your gal!

Although I can see boi-ing is a good product that does what it claims, I can't say I'm in love with it yet, and I don't know if i would repurchase it. Don't get me wrong the thick creamy consistency gives you great coverage which lasts all day, the only problem I have with boi-ing is that it only comes in 5 shades, and as we all know there are a lot more than 5 different skin shades. Typically I fall in-between 04 and 05. I did get matched up in store by a lady at the counter but in my desperation I'm pretty sure I would have settled for anything to just have boi-ing in my life (sad, I know). However all is not lost, although it 05 is a tad to dark for me, with some heavy blending and foundation it does what I wanted it to do, cover up all the nasty bits! So I can't complain if they ever bought out more shades I would be the first customer, I only recommend making sure the colour is right for  you before forking out the £16.50. 
 Along with the concealer the lady gave me a couple free samples, which allows me to justify the £16! 

The first thing she gave me was the sample size of Hello flawless oxygen wow foundation which was great! During my days spent trawling Benefits website I had been very tempted by this foundation and was keen to try it out. She matched me in the shade hazelnut (I'm hopelessly hot), and even the names of the shades got me excited! the colour on this matches me great! I've worn it every day since I've got it, and started blending it with my usual foundation and B.B. cream just to make it last that little bit longer! Love it, and will definatley be buying the full size product! 

The last thing I was given was a sample of the Triple performing facial emulsion which I have actually tried before during a previous promotion Benefit did, where bringing any empty cosmetics bottle from any brand got you a sample of this product, I ended up with 3! And its safe to say I've not even finished the first. I never felt the product worked with my skin type which is spot prone and oily at times, however this was a good year-ish ago, and my skin care regime consisted of a make up wipe. So now I have another sample I may give it ago again!

Hope you liked this style of post! Thank you for all the lovely comments, and feel free to leave me any questions or post ideas bellow! 


Friday, 11 May 2012

Haul - New look, Boots & Tesco!

Hey everyone! 
 Sorry for my absence, I've been crazy busy but things have calmed down and I can give you my undivided attention now! Also Thank you to everyone who's started following me. It was a loveeeely surprise!
 So I thought I would come back with a haul! I went up to West Quay in Southampton last Friday with my friends, unfortunately my bank account didn't want me to go crazy but i managed to pick up a few bits and bobs.
 First stop was New look! I'm quite a New look lover, and without even realising they slightly dominate my wardrobe. but who can resist! I picked up these two tops in the 2 for £6 offer. Which to me is a bargain! I love the two row straps, I think its such a pretty twist on a standard top. It sits just on my belly button and drapes down the sides and I thought they would just be prefect for summer! (When it decides to show its face!)

Also in New look I picked up this Aztec style print top. I'm a slight sucker for Aztec print as well and I loved how it resembled the American Flag as well! I'm not normally a fan of high neck lines, but I love how it sits! This was £12.99 if memory serves me well. But I got student discount which was even better!

Next stop was boots! I went in there planning to pick up something completely different to what I actually bought (as usual) But I got distracted by L'oreal's two for £14 offer! straight away the l'oreal Telescopic Mascara caught my eye. I've been meaning to pick this up for ages. It is probably the best mascara i own. I love using it on my bottom lashes too, and I really don't like the look of mascara on my bottom lashes. such a good investment!


To go with the offer I picked up a Color Riche lipstick in the shade Luminous Coral. Which I loveeee! It smells amazing! Which I know sounds weird but it truly does, and its so moisturising. It feels more like a balm then a lipstick. The shade works great with my skin tone and I love how only the label it states 'Brunettes' or 'Blondes' seeing as I seem to forever be buying the wrong shade for me! A lovely, bright, spring shade.

Next I headed to Tesco on the way home and found these babies hiding away at the back! I have been looking for ages for a pair of pastel trousers and these caught my eyes right away! I feel ankle grazers are a true sign that spring is here, and I'm going to embrace it no matter what mother nature says! I got these for £14. And they look great with the white top from new look! 

Let me know if you have any questions or blog suggestions! 



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