Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Insta Update!

1. Favorite Magazine, company 2. Loving my uni course in the radio studio 3. My amazing new shoes (which I'm still to scared to wear) 4. Quick selfie before a night out! 5. Home sweet home 6. Trying out 'Impress nails' for a change 7. Living up to the student stereotype 8. Nandossssss 9. Chocolate soufflĂ© 10. My new 'balmy' lip balm in strawberry 11. Proving students don't always have to be poor! 12. My finished wall in my room. 13. Toby Carvery with mum! 14. Izzy, missed her while I've been away! 15. My roomies and I! 16. My read at the moment! 

Hey Lovelies, Hope your all well! Just a quick update on what I've been doing and to also let you know that I finally jumped on the iPhone bandwagon and got the new 5! So if you fancy seeing more snaps of my day to day life then my username is - meganmanneh



  1. love posts like these :) the Nandos is making me want one!! xx

    1. Thank you! Always good to hear what people think! Oh gosh me too, I eat far to many!x


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