Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Top 5 Makeup Brushes!

Hey Lovelies 
Now, I'm not one of those girls who owns every makeup brush for every possible task you could possibly think of. In fact I don't think I even own close to 20 brushes, I'm sure my brush collection will grow but right now these are my top 5 brushes, the ones that I reach for on a daily basis. 

E.l.f Powder Brush - £3.75
 This is where my collection began (other than those little sets you get from you grandparents when your about 5) Before this brush my foundation went on with my fingers. I love this brush, Its so cheap and effective, perfect for anyone starting out with make up. The flat densely packed top makes this brush a brilliant multi tasker. Now I don't tend to use it for foundation but I like to apply powder with it, it works great at pressing the powder on and setting my make up! 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush (Core Collection £21.99)
 This brush is like a step up from the Powder Brush. Its slightly more domed shaped and does what it says on the tin! The longer you buff in your foundation the better result you get, It creates a flawless natural base and is incredibly soft. In my opinion a brush everyone should have in their collection! 

E.l.f Mineral Powder Brush - £3.75
 I love this brush for applying powder, I tend to carry this brush around in my handbag and use it with my powder, blush or bronzer for touch ups, when I don't have time to properly re apply my make up. Its great for sweeping product on when I'm in a rush. Although its similar to the powder brush, I had to include it because I use it daily for so many different things.

E.l.f Flat Eyeliner Brush £5.50
 I actually got this brush in a mystery bundle with one of my orders so didn't actually intentionaly buy it. I used to use this for my eyebrows with an eyeshadow, but more recently I started applying cream eyeliner with it. Its small flat top makes it perfect for precise application and I feel have a lot more control when I use the brush.

Real Techniques Contour Brush (Core Collection £21.99)
 This brush has become my Blush brush, I love the shape of the top of the brush and think it allows to blend in your blush well so your not left with clown cheeks! The smaller head also means you can precisely apply your blush and not go over the top. And like the rest of the Real Techniques brushes they feel incredibly soft against your skin!


  1. LOVE the real technique brushes! They are probably the staple brushes in my collection :) xxx

    1. so do I! but they're worth the hype! brilliant brushes!xxx

  2. The ELF brushes are so affordable, seriously need to pick up the Real Technique core collection when I'm next in boots! xx

    Great post!


    1. I know I dont feel the need to own any other brushes haha! they're brilliant!xx

  3. I love the elf brushes, really need to buy the Real Techniques ones when I have some money!



    1. They're brilliant aren't they? Ahh yeah you should invest in them, they are well worth it! :)xx

  4. Very nice collection!! :)



  5. I have one elf brush and just love it to death. I just found your blog and am very glad I did! Can't wait to see more!



  6. I love the ELF Powder Brush - such an incredible brush for the price
    Natalie xx



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