Friday, 21 September 2012

Update| Uni, Moving and Chit Chat!

Hey Lovelies! 
 My posts have been slightly sporadic lately, but I promise I have a good reason! I like many of you guys I'm sure, have recently taken the plunge and moved out! Although I don't really call it "moving out' as I only moved Monday and have been home twice already... Slight failure ha! Many of your probably don't know but I'm about to start my degree in Multi-media Journalism at Southampton Solent University, and along with that embark on a life filled with pot noodles and drunken nights more commonly know as life in halls! 
 As I said I moved in Monday and was pretty unprepared for life away from home. I am one of those few lucky people that moved with a couple of friends, and by sheer chance ended up in the same hall right next door to one of them! 
 Since I moved in my life has seemed to revolved around saying 'Hello' about a million times a day, and awkwardly being caught in your jim jams first thing, bare faced, trying to make a sly cuppa in the kitchen. I don't quiet know what I expected moving into uni, but I didn't expect to be in bed at 10, shattered and watching 'Neighbours' on my laptop on the first night (Ha!). I think its obvious to say it took me a few days to settle in and meet the right people for me. But I'm beginning to feel at home there, and I can actually see myself living here in 6 months time. 
 I can't remember the last time I was so excited about the prospect of what's going to happen next week, and the uncertainty that goes with that. The worrying about money and the 2 week long party I have ahead of me for freshers. All the people I still haven't meet, and starting a course that's hopefully going to be the beginning of my career. (cheesy I know!)
 My blog, and you guys have been a huge motivation to jump in and stop caring about what people are going to say and more than that think about me. So if my posts are few and far between at the moment please bare with me! Thank you for all your lovely comments and support. Until next time! 

A little snap for you of me and my new room!



  1. Good luck at uni! I just graduated this year, I miss being a student so much already ha, you'll have a brilliant time :) x

    1. Thank you hun! I am enjoying the perks of being a student, like all the discounts haha!x

  2. Aww, what a lovely post- really glad you're settling in well and enjoying it. Hope you enjoy the next few weeks!xxx

  3. Good luck my lovely! So excited for you, I'll be coming to visit when Freshers is settled etc haha. Love ya! xx


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