Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Escada Island Kiss Eau De Toiletee

In the summer of 2011 Escada released three perfumes, aimed, strangely enough, for summer! I've seen several reviews for these perfumes before I purchased them, and had wondered casually into Boots, only to find myself sniffing at each one. But it wasn't until I went on holiday in July that I picked it up the Eau De Toilette at Duty Free for around the £28 mark.
 As you can probably see I've taken a sizeable chunk out of the bottle since I bought it. With top notes of orange, passionflower and mango, peach and magnolia magnolia heart notes and woodsy, musky base notes this scent is 100% a summer perfume. Fruity and exotic it almost smells like it should be edible and became my staple scent, especially if I felt like being bold and daring. 

I love the packaging and I feel it works brilliantly with the whole style and smell of the perfume, fun! The bottle definitely stands out against my other bottles. 
I wouldn't class this as a hugely 'sophisticated grown-up' scent, but I think every now and then you want to be wearing something braver and exciting! (Well I do anyway) However its not over powering and all over the place. Im loving this scent and will definitely be bringing it into autumn.

I loved the summer collection Escada bought out, Island Kiss, Sexy Graffiti and Rockin' Rio and in an ideal world where my bank account was never ending I would have each of them sat in my collection, but alas no, until then I shall just wonder into Boots and smell them longingly! 

Have you smelt any of the collection? What do you think about them? 



  1. The Escada perfumes are my staple scent too! :) I loove them.. Island Kiss is definitely one of my favourites as well as the one they had last year- Taj Sunset.. I've been wearing it all summer! xx

    1. Ahh someone who agrees with me haha! they really are great! :Pxx

  2. Never seen this perfume before, so will have to give it a sniff when i see it! haha :) the packaging looks lovely too! xx


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