Thursday, 28 June 2012

Shoes Haul!

Hey Lovelies! 

 I used to watch videos and read blogs about shoe hauls and I always used to think 'how can they buy that many shoes'.... yeah, now I know. My reasoning for this is I'm going on holiday on sunday with my friends and I'm stocking up! (Plus I've been dying for a pair of wedges for agesssss)So i'll get right into it! 

These are the first pair of shoes I bought for my 18th Birthday, Ive stalked eBay for months just gazing at these shoes but never actually plucked up the courage to buy them, until now! I thought for my 18th I wanted something special and unique and I think these fit the bill, and for £22.99 (plus £2.99 p&p) you can't go wrong! They arrived in around 3 days and I think I fell in love. They have to be the highest heel I've ever worn, over 6 inches (my mum actually measured them!) But because of the huge platform they aren't that painful, although after the 5 hour of wearing them I felt the pain! In summary I love them!(Click here for link)

The second pair of shoes I bought were from New Look during a mini shopping session with my mum! I originally wanted these shoes in the off white colour but typically they didn't have my size! So I got these mint green ones instead, Once I got them home I was less sure and ummed and ahh-ed about taking them back, but after trying them with some outfits I realised how awesome they were. I love the colour (I'm all into bringing the pastel trend into the summer too!) and I think i'll be rocking these in the sun a lot! They cost me £24.99 but well worth it! (Click here for link)

The next pair I picked up are also from New Look. New Look launched a new huge online sale earlier this week (check it out if you haven't while sizes last!) with up to 70% off items, and I had been eyeing these babies up for weeks. So when they were reduced from £39.99 to £12.00 I couldn't say no. Ive wanted to try out the flatform trend and thought these were a great starter! They're real suede and are sooooo comfy, they arrived this morning and I can't wait to try them out! (Click here for link)

The last pair of shoes are again from New Look (I see a pattern emerging...) And these again were in the same sale. A few days before I noticed the sale, I had been scrolling through online and stopped when I saw these. The only reason I didn't buy them there and then was my budget doesn't normally stretch to £49.99. However in the glorious sale they went down to £15.00. These shoes are so comfy, which is weird considering they're heels, I love the two tone straps and the different shades work great with my skin tone. I also like the wooden heel and tribal feel of them! Perfect summer shoes! (Click here for link)

Hope you enjoyed this blog, thank you to all my followers for all your lovely comments! I read all of them so please keep leaving them! If you have any questions or blog suggestions let me know!



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