Wednesday, 4 September 2013

August Favourites

Hey Guys! 
Today I thought I'd come back to the old blog and bring you guys my August Favourites! 

My first favourite of the month has to be the Urban Decay 'All Nighter' Make up Setting Spray. I will eventually do a full review of this on my blog but for now I'll do a quick sum up! I had never found anything that would keep my make up on for longer before I found this. And although I'm always dubious as to how much these product works I really do see an improvement to how my make up looks after a days wear and to how much product is coming off when I actually take my make up off. It leaves my make up looking fresher for longer so a big thumbs up from me.

My next favourites are the MUA 'Undress Me Too' eye shadow palette and the Eco Tools 'Eyeshadow Brush' which kinda go together on here. Im not a huge eye shadow wearer, but I thought with the summer months coming I'd step out and try some colour! I've been loving this palette, for a novice like me its perfect for trying out some combinations and getting the hang of it all. The Eco Tools brush has also been so handy, Its such a multi use brush and perfect for the basics that I need it for. Will definitely be investing in more of these brushes! 

Next up I've been loving a new face mask by 'Mudd'. I picked this up from Sainsburys on a whim and im surprised how much I love it. I've missed actual mud face masks that dry and stiffen. I've always felt like I get a deeper clean from them, and although I know there are better on the market, this works for me, plus the pack is reusable which is a big plus for me, I've used it about 3 times and its still going strong! 

My next favourite I seem to be coming back to over and over again and its the Witch Skin Clearing Primer. I love the consistency, to me it feels more like a moisturiser than I primer which I love. But creates the perfect base for my make up. I also feel it does keep my skin at bay. And if I ever have an angry-looking red spot, I feel this acts a barrier between it and my makeup and calms the area down a bit. 

My Last Favourite is the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Violet Pop. I got this a few weeks ago at a blogging event, and have been wearing nothing else since. I love how with a light hand and lipgloss over the top it makes a perfect day colour and can be built up to make quite a dramatic lip. It's quite a smooth texture as well and very moisturising. This is the first Rimmel lipstick I own by and I will definitely be looking into more! 

If you haven't already seen, I've started YouTube! Let me know what you think, and any videos you like to see! 


  1. I'm so tempted to try the Urban Decay spray - sometimes I think powder looks too cakey if I try and make my makeup last, would you say the spray is as effective?
    I've never heard of the primer, but I think I may have to investigate it now you've given it such a positive review!
    Love your blog!

    1. If your looking for something to help with cakey look have you thought of MAC Fix +? I have a review of that on here too -

      But if you're looking for something to help keep make up on too I would say this, as Fix + doesn't really do that :) they sell travel sizes for £9 which are good to try it out :).
      And yes I would definitely look into the primer too! Thank you hun!xx

    2. Thank you so much that's so helpful! xxxx

  2. I love the MUA palette it's full of lots of lovely colours!

  3. im really getting into that mua palette too xx

  4. The UD all nighter setting spray is AMAZING, even in this boiling heat my make up doesnt budge. Outstanding x


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