Friday, 1 March 2013

Lush 'VIP' Re Opening Night!

Being a huge lover of Lush I was so happy when I was invited to a V.I.P Night at Lush's first ever store! (which happens to be right on my doorstep, in Poole Quay!) I made the journey back from Southampton and picked up the lovely brogan from brogantatexo along the way! After 20 minutes of getting lost and trying to track down Lush we arrived to a slightly unexpected arrival. 

 On the Email we were informed that the night was a special preview evening the day before the shop opened to the general public. Brilliant! I thought. A 'special night' for us to get to know a bit more about the Lush brand, try some new products and have a sneaky peek at the Lush SPA.

(Excuse the picture quality! I left my Camera in the car didn't I?!) 

However we got to the shop only to find it crammed pack with the general public and even some children running around! Nobody could move, nobody could see anything and having a chat with a worker was nearly impossible! It took us 10 minutes to try and get ourselves a glass of champaign and a cake to find them all gone. Eventually after 15 minutes of shuffling around and a lot of 'Excuse me's' and 'Sorry's!' We gave up and headed across the road to Pizza Express. 

BUT, (and there is a but) in those 15 minutes, and from what I could see of the shop it seems like a brilliant little gem! The spa was amazing, and I'd love to go there for a birthday or special event. We got a sneak peek at some of the treatments and one caught my eye, which involved tailoring the massage around a word like 'mind cleanser' and using different scents and techniques which are meant to achieve that state of mind. I thought this was a really nice added touch to a normal massage and defiantly adds a more personal level.

Beautiful Lush SPA 

We also got a quick look at the perfumes and scents that are available and Lush's own scent available only at the original store! aptly named after the address '29 High Street' They also now feature a 'Retro' stand which features all the favourite discontinued products which again I really liked because I know how annoying it is when a products discontinued.

Overall I will happily go back to this shop, I loved the layout and the SPA is something I would definitely like to look into. I still love Lush and I now love knowing that I live on the doorstep of where lush all began. However the event it self was a bit of a let down and I think we could have got a lot more out the evening if we weren't crammed in like sardines! 

I will be heading down again soon and will hopefully get the chance to find out a bit more about the history of the shop and its unique qualities!  

Hope this wasn't to much of a rant! 

Have you been to the original Lush? What did you think?


  1. I didn't know this was the original store! I live in Bournemouth so I will have to pop down there and have a look. Looks like a great night x

    1. Yess It's brilliant! You'll have to have a lookie! :)x


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