Friday, 22 February 2013

What's in my uni bag!

Hey Lovelies,

I picked this bag up recently from Urban Outfitters, you might have seen it in my last haul post (here) but I thought I would do another post on it as I'm slightly in love! 
 The bag originally was £48.00 but I had a £20 voucher and also student discount so it only cost me £23.20! Bargain! 

 You can probably just about see in this photo that the bag has 3 'compartments' the middle section is a zip up section where I tend to keep my more important bits like my phone or USB, things that I don't want to lose. Then either side you have two other sections which both fasten with a popper, this is where I keep my books and notebooks.

The thing I love about this bag is that its just big enough for an A4 folder which is perfect for uni!  Then on the very sides of the bag you have a smaller zip up pocket one side and  a small phone pocket the other, which is where I tend to keep my keys as I'm forever losing them! 

I always have a copy of Company in my bag, I can sit and read it over and over again! Being a journalism student has its perks! This and my diary are pretty much always with me. Along with my purse which I picked up from Forever 21 last summer! 

I keep a small make up bag with me too, although I've never been one of those girls to re apply make up through out the day, and I've normally got some form of perfume or spray with me. Along with gloves, because its still blooming freezing! 


  1. Love this bag but wow pretty expensive to begin with compared to the likes of River Island, Topshop and even Zara. Least you had a voucher though :) xo

    1. I know I wouldn't have been able to get it at the full price! But I don't mind paying this price, and its such good quality!:)x

  2. I absolutely love that bag!! :) xx

  3. Now following :) would love if you took a look at my blog x


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