Thursday, 30 May 2013

Benefit 'Stay Flawless' Event

Hey Guys! 
A few days ago I and 15 other lovely blogger were invited to Benefits 'Stay Flawless' event in Orange Rooms in Southampton. We all meet downstairs and said our 'hello's' and were then invited upstairs to a private room kitted out head to toe in typical Benefit style! 

We were meet by the lovely Benefit team (and some amazing Mocktails!) We all settled down and the lovely Lisa gave us a quick talk all about the history of Benefit and how its lead to what we see today on our shelves! 

Next we moved onto 'Stay Flawless' Benefits new 15-Hour Primer, which will be available from 29th June for £24.50! We watched a demo of the primer and heard how Lisa used the primer during her latest fashion show and swore by its 15-hour name! 

We then all took part in a little quiz about all things Benefit! I was even lucky enough to win Benefits 'The Bronze Champions' Kit! Yaaaay! We all chatted a while longer sipping on our delicious mocktails while some even more delicious nibbles were bought out!

And to my surprise and gratefulness we were all given a gorgeous giftbag on our way out which contained the new Stay Flawless Primer, Hello Flawless Foundation and a gorgeous Foundation Brush! 

We all had a brilliant evening, it was lovely to meet the team and I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the Benefit team and of course Orange Rooms for leaving us fed and watered! 

(excuse my awful photos! Once again I left my camera at home! *face palm!*)


  1. Oh it must have been a lovely day at the Benefit Stay Flawless Event!:) Wish I would get such an opportunity too:)!


    1. It really was a lovely evening :) Stick at it and you never know!x

  2. Looks like a really nice evening!

    Beckie @ xxx

  3. It Looked like a Fun Event!
    Lovely Pictures.
    Claudia xx


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