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Glossy Box - April 2010

Hey guys!

 I would just like to begin by saying a huge thank you to everyone who commented and followed! Its nice to know somebody's reading this! Also a huge thank you to my lovely friend Brogan for pointing her lovely followers in my direction! 

Onto the Blog! I've been subscribed to Glossy Box for 3 months now, and I think every box has its good and bad's, with 5 items I think its hard to love every product but I think this is definitely one of the better boxes.
 This months Glossy Box was the Natural Box, meaning the showcase of the best Organic/Natural products! Which I'm all for because it can't hurt to try something actually good for your body (plus I'm a sucker for a themed anything).

As usual the box looks beautiful and I think their attention to detail is amazing. I didn't wanna touch anything and ruin it! But after the initial excitement of unwrapping I delved in!

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum 

This was actually my first Caudalie product and I've heard a lot about them and their always on my list of brands to try out, so I'm quite happy with this product! The only problem was the amount of product I received, I've heard a lot of people saying this, but basically I got a tube of air with a littttttle cream in the bottom, not the best start. But Glossy Box have released a contact email address for this issue, so every cloud has a silver lining.

Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Eyeliner 

Although I have a gazillion eyeliners I was happy to give this a try due to the fact that it was organic and I was quite interested in seeing if I noticed a difference. To be honest I prefer my current eyeliner. I found, although it was really pigmented and like it claims a creamy consistency, that after a full day of wear it had dragged under my eye and looked a little nasty (although I did apply this at 5am in a mad rush so it may have just been my sleepy sloppy make-up technique).

Monu Enriched Body Cream

Again I've heard a lot of rave about Monu so was pleased to try something new, I think the size is great and its something i can save for when I go away or just pop in my bag, I don't know about the smell, kinda resembles something i'd find in my mums room. But then again she smells good so its not all bad! Overall it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised which is what I wanted so no complaints! 

Figs&Rouge Lip Balm

I think this is defiantly my favourite product, I love the packaging, I think its quirky and definitely stands out against the rest of my lip balms! I thought I wouldn't like the smell as I'm not a fan of peppermint but I surprisingly do. It claims to also be a lip, face & body balm but it works well as just a lip balm. There's kinda a soft gritty texture when you first put it on but it smoothes out easily and leaves my lips lusciously soft! 

Phillip B Drop Dead Straightening Balm 

This is the one product I haven't tried yet, I wanted to get the review up and had no time to use the product but I'm looking forward to it because my hair needs all the help it can get to go straight! The only problem is the size of the product and the amount of hair I have means i'll probably only get one use out of it but hey ho! 

Thank you for reading!


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